New findings

Sometimes I listen to some random music, and I find some really cool stuff! Here are some songs that I found interesting to share:


The need to detoxify

So, last weekend were the town festivities here, and I decided to go down there and see what was going on. In terms of friends, it was great. Many people, many things to talk about. In terms of music, awful. The same four songs over and over again, with nothing really interesting, nothing at all! 

Gimme some strings

When I say that I not only listen to folk music, some people laugh at me. Showing them this blog isn't a really good idea either, since... Well, it's loaded with folk music, so from time to time I share some different stuff. This time, it's going to be some classical. My knowledge of classical music is very limited, but that does not deny me the right to enjoy what I know...