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So, ok, you wanna listen to my theory?


Kid Icarus

No puede tener más de 10 años. Todavía tiene esos ojos curiosos e inocentes de una chiquilla de su edad. Por sus nervios y entusiasmo, diría que es la primera vez que sube a un avión.


Whenever I try to think about home, doubts come to my mind. What is, exactly, home? Is it where I was born? Maybe where I live, or where my family is. But what about my friends? I have friends spread all over the world, would that be home too?

Ban-job Kazooie

So, I have an announcement: As some of you might know, a couple of weeks ago I traveled back to Spain to stay here indefinitely or until I am fed up with everything, throw it to the ground and decide to go live in my very own country... But until then, I'll be here, and although I will be missing many things from beloved Germany, there is one I did miss from Spain: My dearly beloved banjo.