I’m With Her

Not really sure I wrote about them before, pretty sure I will write about them in the future. But that's them, I'm With Her, the band of 3 awesome female musicians worth every bloody penny.  Let's talk a bit about them...


New discoveries

Yes! Yes!  I have tons of new songs here to share with you! So how about we start? There's waaaay too much to write anything more, to add, to anything. Come spend your evening listening to all this!


And yet again I failed to upload for a long time. I do have my reasons, though. Lately I have been working on a summer camp for the weekends, when I'm not working in IT, and so I don't have so much time... But I do have time for listening to music! And that is why I still have tons of new discovered songs that I can share with you. 

Some new discoveries

Sometimes I have some spare time and decide to classify new music, dedicate all my senses to it, and out of some hundreds of songs... I keep a few. And these I share with you. So, let's begin then, shall we?