There is nothing about me you probably haven’t guessed already.

Yes, I am partially mad and there is nothing I can do about it. No, I don’t do drugs, this is all 100% natural (told you I was mad).

Recently I got hired at a job where I can both work AND listen to music, so it’s like paradise to me. If we add to that the fact that I like my job, it’s paradise**2! I spend way too much money on musical instruments, and am constantly expanding both my musical and my instrumental library. Currently I own 2 banjos, 2 mandolins, 3 guitars (2 acoustic and 1 classical), 1 Ukulele, 1 charango, 2 zampoñas and some jaw harps: An american, a vietnamese and a chinese one.

My acoustic guitar is called Catherine, the spanish one is called Paloma and the other acoustic one doesn’t deserve a name yet… But give it some time 😉

Mi first banjo is called Django, and the second and best one is banjo Kazooie. The mandolins are called Clem Sr. and Clem Jr., it’s just that I like the name too much for a mandolin, sorry…

The Ukulele is called Iz, and rest still haven’t earned themselves a name for now, but they still have time to prove if they are name-worthy.