Songs of the past


I was going to try to apologize… But I guess it’s useless now. I admit it, I haven’t been here at all (I think I warned that I’m not the most constant person on this earth), and I have no excuse for that. But today, I will bring some songs. Just because I feel like it. 🙂

Penguin CafĂ© – Protection

I knew Penguin CafĂ© Orchestra, but I never thought I’d find these… It’s definitely been one of the songs I’ve listened to the most lately….

RenĂ© Aubry – Sirtaki a Helsinki

I can’t recall how I found this, but I absolutely love it. Yes, like any other sirtaki it needs some time to build up, but oh God how well they do it. I’m even trying to learn it (and successfully, since it’s not that difficult to play, tbh.)

Front Country – If something breaks

Yep, you know this one… “Old” but gold, and by old I mean a couple of months top, but it’s already one of my top ten ever since I listened to it….

The Paper Kites – St. Clarity

Weird, right? This one is also one of my top hits… I guess I’m going back to my roots, which is normal because lately I haven’t been able to discover as much music as I’d like to… And it has a reason! (So I kind of have a reason for not having posted anything.) The reason will come shortly, promise.


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