The need to detoxify

So, last weekend were the town festivities here, and I decided to go down there and see what was going on. In terms of friends, it was great. Many people, many things to talk about. In terms of music, awful. The same four songs over and over again, with nothing really interesting, nothing at all!

I know, I know, I’m a musical snob, I’m a hipster and all that, but there are some things I can’t stand. That is why I enjoyed so much talking to someone who didn’t like that music either… And this is why I put some songs I listened to whilst I wasn’t partying and where I could choose what to listen to.

Izal – Pánico Práctico

Izal is one of these groups that I don’t know what to think about. When I think of indie pop music in Spain, I could cry. It’s basically the same over and over again, all of the groups sound the same (not necessarily bad). But I could say this one pops a bit out. I will admit I haven’t listened to many other groups as much as I’ve listened to this one, but I like it. I could say it’s probably my favourite Spanish band as of today.

Front Country – If something breaks

Yep, this is my new actual obsession. I’ve been singing it for multiple days in a row, even when surrounded by five different songs coming from speakers in seven different stands (many of them played the same song but with some time difference, thus it sounded even worse). I miss the fact that the banjo “is no more” in the group, but I still like it, as much as I like the lyrics and the song progression, rhythm.. It’s good, has a lot of pop influences, but still good.

Penguin Cafe – Protection

You know I’m a huge fan of rhythms. I’m awful at getting them, but once I do… I love them even more. This is one of those, with a rhythm of 7/4. In addition to that, it comes from the son of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and I must say that I prefer this evolution to the original one, although that depends on the taste.

And well, that was it. These have been the songs that kept me alive and kept me from killing someone when “Despacito” was played for the sixth time in a row…

A songs from the past will be, I swear, I just don’t know when…

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