Songs of the past

Every week, I try to listen to as much music as possible and then post here the songs I’ve listened to the most. This has been my past week:

This week has been somehow a bit strange. Because I haven’t had any “weekly hits” but one, so all of the songs are mostly here due to randomness. Still, these are the hits, starting with the only one I have decidedly played over and over again:

Sara Niemietz, W.G. Snuffy Walden – In my life

Covering a Beatles song is a risk, they are HUGE, and you might try to make something good and do a crappy cover, but this one I like a lot. Yes, it’s really slow, but I really like her voice, and well, the guitar is good as Snuffy Walden can be.

Burt Bacharach – Alfie

This is actually one of the versions I like best. Just the instrumental part, no singing. And I’m happy that I listened to it so often this week. When you have so much music, many songs get lost in your library.

John Williams – The early days, Massapequa

I told you this has been a weird week. Ok, it’s not really July, so why listen to Ron Kovik’s movie soundtrack? And why not? It’s John Williams, so it has to be good, right? Besides, who can deny laughing when he starts yelling penis in his mother’s house? Ok, it’s a very tense scene, but I did laugh when watching it, though it was lots of years ago, I was young and immature (some would say I still am).

The Republic Tigers – Buildings & Mountains

If you ask my sister, she’d say that this is one of the songs she’s had to listen to the most (probably right after Bear’s Den’s Agape and a couple more). Whenever I burned a CD for the car, this one would certainly be in the playlist. I remember I discovered this song through a TV series, I downloaded it and since then it’s been in my music library… Oh, such good times, such fun, just watching series and movies… Those days are gone.

Yaron Herman – Facing Him (Var. 2)

I have already listened to this song twice on my way to work, and I didn’t choose it. And that is weird, because it takes me five minutes to get to work, so… What does that mean? Ok, I am afraid of facing my boss because I have this utter feeling that whenever he wants me to approach his desk it’s because I have done something terribly wrong, and that he’s going to fire me (which actually does match a bit with the song). So it might be a signal, but I hope it’s not.

And well, this was my week musically speaking. Now that I’ve found out that I can listen to music whilst working, I am happy to announce that I will be posting more things, hopefully. And since I have a job now, this means I might have some income to spend on music! And a new banjo, that is very clear.

Today I spent a whole hour in the garden playing, and the neighbours didn’t complain! That was a huge success for me.


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