A day full of OSTs

I recently ran out of my Google Play Music offer, so I had to go back to full-of-ads Spotify.

But I must admit that Spotify’s recommendations do amaze me. Sometimes they hit that song just right.

But nevermind that, here are some songs I listened to:

John Powell – Chicken run main Theme

Who wants to watch it again? A lovely movie, that makes me wanna not just watch it but also The Great Escape.

Brad Derrick – Stendarr’s Mercy

Austin Wintory – We will not be forgotten

Probably one of the most epic intro songs of videogames I have ever listened to. And the game is awesome as well, of course. And now that we’re into games, let’s add the last one also from a great game:

Jonathan Morali – Life is Strange intro Song

If the last song was all about honor, this one is all about summer, goofing around, talking to friends and having a nice time. Oh, Max, I really miss you.

And well, this was the new OST’s entry. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll add the usual Songs of the past entry. But if I forget… Well, I’ll just forget.


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