The songs that go like this

Once in every show, I have to mess around with songs and make people think about other songs, or maybe I’m the only one that thinks about them, who knows… Those are the perks of being a wallflower (musically speaking).

(And yes, I was paraphrasing Spamalot’s Once in every show).

Prince – Purple Rain

So that day Real Madrid was playing against Juventus (spoiler alert, Real Madrid won). RM was wearing purple, and people started talking about the colour. People were saying “I like purple”, so in the end I had to step in and just throw it out: “I like purple rain”. Thank God someone sang the song…

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

The started to play some “apparently” very well known Rihanna song, SOS. I had no idea Rihanna had a song named like that, I kept thinking about the Abba song, but well, something new I learned that night. Not only that I learned, I also found out that it uses Tainted Love’s base to sing it.

Cat Stevens – I love my dog

At some point, we started talking about dogs, because dogs are awesome, and everybody loves dogs. This one person said at one point “I love my dog”, and I was this close () to say “as much as I love you”, but silly and shy me didn’t say a thing. Now it will haunt me forever, until one day when I will open my facebook, find that person and just tell her:

Hey, remember when you said you love your dog? Well I love my dog as much as I love you.

Then I’ll probably wait until she reads it, gets really worried thinking things like “how the hell did he find me, who is this, WTF, and then I’ll send the song, just to clearify that it’s a Cat Stevens reference.

And well, those were the musical highlights of the night, at least for this musical creature.


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