Songs of the past

Yes! I did it! I managed to keep up and publish the new post on the scheduled day. I’m very proud of that.

But not as proud as I am for my latest life update… That will come right after this post. So, let’s begin with last week’s tunes!

Béla Fleck – Big Country

I feel like I’ve posted this a thousand times, and I will keep posting it as long as I love it (so probably very often).

Wise Guys – Paris

Well, sometimes I like to listen to songs about funny stories… And this one’s very good.

Tommy Emmanuel – Amy

And now for something a bit slower. Some parts remind me of Earl Klugh’s Catherine somehow…

Hey Marseilles – Dead of Night

Let’s put folk music aside and listen to… I don’t know what genre would define Hey Marseilles, but it’s definitely not a capella nor folk… Something containing indie, probably.

Slowly I’m getting the hang again of listening to music. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks I’ll be uploading more frequently.

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