Ban-job Kazooie

So, I have an announcement:

As some of you might know, a couple of weeks ago I traveled back to Spain to stay here indefinitely or until I am fed up with everything, throw it to the ground and decide to go live in my very own country…

But until then, I’ll be here, and although I will be missing many things from beloved Germany, there is one I did miss from Spain:

My dearly beloved banjo.

It’s been way too long since I played some banjo, and I have never actually learned how to play it, so I decided to make a move about that.

So last week I went to a bar where they play americana music, called Americana Music Jam Madrid (yeah, not really creative). And there, obviously, they were playing banjo. Thus, I decided to go ahead and ask the guy where he learned, and guess what he told me.

Here! And then it got even more interesting… He gives lessons. That made it for me.

So yes, as many of you will be expecting, I have joined lessons for learning to properly play the banjo to one day be able to play things like these:

Some friends of mine have already told me that when I am good enough, I could go to the subway and play a bit for entertainment… And it’s not such a bad idea, really… Well, for now I’ll start practicing and one day I might actually play something good, though I know I’m never going to reach Bela Fleck’s level, but that’s alright since I also play guitar and mandolin.. And who knows what’s next?

Well, that was the huge update. I’ll be learning to play banjo as it’s meant to be! I am so hyped right now you just can’t imagine.

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