In shape

I was just bored, waiting for time to pass by, and decided to post some songs. For the sake of this blog. And because I don’t want to give it up… I’m fighting for it!

So anyways, here are the songs:

Wild Child – Crazy Bird

I don’t really get the video, but the song isn’t bad… I mean, the whistle part is very earworm-y. I listened to it once and whistled it for three days non stop.

Rose Cousins – Grace

I think I told you Rose Cousins would come up more often… And if I didn’t, I tell you now.

Kings of Leon – WALLS

Shame on me, my family and my cow for not having posted anything of them earlier… But one can’t listen to everything, right?

Ray LaMontagne – Be here now

Somehow this post has had a lot of chill songs… Meh, whatever, I still hope you like ’em, because that was it for now.

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