Songs of the past

This time it’s personal, and I’m doing this no matter what happens. Even if I have internet, I’ll go personally to WordPress servers and deliver the post, even written in bytes. Because yes, this time I’m doing the “Songs of the past” post again, monthly special:

The Accidental – Knock Knock

I know I’ve probably posted this way too many times, but it never gets old, may I say. Sorry for those who wanted to listen to something new.

Agnes Obel – Riverside

Agnes Obel’s piano somehow gives me a bit the creep. I love it, but I don’t know if it’s the tuning or the piano itself, there’s something about it that scares me, just a tad, but it still does.

The Paper Kites – St. Clarity

This is usually one of the songs that I use for starting my listening sessions. This one goes first, and then the rest. The reason is simple: I love it, and it’s the one I look for. The rest is all random songs. But not this one; no, no.

Fleetwood Mac – You make loving fun

I can’t get enough of this bass. Listen to it again, it’s not that the song is usually sustained on bass and drums, it’s just that how it plays… I just love it.

John Doan – Sait Patrick in the Spirit

And now for the Celtic song. There had to be one, right? When listening to this, I can imagine knights riding to a castle in a cliff… All very middle-age-y.

Train – You can finally meet my mom

I’m sure you don’t need an introduction to Train… So I’ll just let it here posted.

Well, although I did listen to A LOT of songs these past three weeks, I’ll leave it here.

I’m also anouncing that it is probable that although I will still be posting new songs, it is possible that the rate of new songs decreases a bit. When I’m in Spain I don’t have so much time to listen to music, sadly, but I’m sure I’ll find some time.

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