I am not yet dead

I have failed this blog…

I promised something I could not accomplish, and now I have to redeem myself. I am not sure how, but I will find a way.

Anyways, I thought I could at least post some music. If not huge discoveries, at least some music to prove I am still alive.

To start, a proof that I am not yet dead

Spamalot – I am not yet dead

I hope that’s enough proof…

Snuffy Walden – Angela Smiled

Well, I told you I like him a lot, didn’t I? And here’s a partial prove. Here he is again.

Roberto Fonseca – Contradanza del espíritu

Some jazz never fails to put me on the right mood. Those cuban roots are so very plausible, though…

Mata Andrade – Dimocransa

Sometimes I do post something new… Ok, she might not be the new Jobim, but it’s still nice, isn’t it?

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll be in good company

Oh, of course some americana had to be in this, right? I haven’t changed in these last weeks, although I haven’t been uploading posts, my music taste hasn’t really changed.

I’ll leave it here for now and come back to you soon, I hope!

Have a nice one!

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