My absent will

Because although I’ve been absent, I shall return.

I will start with this to try and explain my absence last week:

I was finishing my studies. Last week I handed my almost last project, held a presentation, and today I just held my last presentation of the bachelor. Which leaves me with only one thing left, the thesis itself, which is pretty much done.

So that meant that last week I couldn’t do a Songs of the past update, which is why I will do a songs of the past (square) to summarize what I’ve been listening to the last two weeks.

But here I am to do a quick update on everything, post a bit more often now that I have a lot of time and try show that I have not yet left this project to die….

So, a bit more music, shall we?

W.G. snuffy Walden – Who lives up there

I am falling more and more in love with this guy’s music. He’s actually done a lot of film music and series as well, so… I guess I already know what movies I’ll be watching next… Here’s another example of one of his songs

W.G. Snuffy Walden – Winnie Cooper’s Theme

Yep, I’ll definitely be learning how to play that on the guitar…

Frank Sinatra – My Way

I’ll admit it, I just watched the new Kingsman trailer (no, this is no advertisement for the movie), and the song was on it. And since I really like it (just like any song sung by Sinatra), I added it.

And well, that’ll be all for now. But I’ll surely add more and more music when I’m back on track with the discoveries.

Have a good one!

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