Unconventional music

When I talk to friends about music, in the end it always comes down to usual occidental music. But oriental music is somehow never the main subject. Because in the end, what do we know about it? The only oriental I listen to is the one they put in the restaurants (because no, I don’t like k-pop). So whenever I talk with someone about weird music and they post me oriental music… I feel very interested.

So I decided to make a post about some unconventional music for us occidentals, because it can be really good.

Buong Suong

It sounds a bit… Weird, right? Well, my friends, this was the inspiration for Pat Metheny’s Above the Treetops. Skip to 1:28 to see it for yourselves.

Batzorig Vaanchig

Duelling Shamisens

This is basically duelling banjos, shamisen version.

Well, we started with some music from Cambodian music, continued with Mongol and we finish with some Japanese music. And to be honest, I find it really cool. It wouldn’t be my daily music, but it does sound nice.

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