Some new discoveries

Sometimes I have some spare time and decide to classify new music, dedicate all my senses to it, and out of some hundreds of songs… I keep a few. And these I share with you.

So, let’s begin then, shall we?

Donovan Woods – What they mean

Yep, Donovan is no stranger here anymore, but sometimes I listen to some of his songs I don’t own, and I love them. And I must admit that I really like the video. Yes, it is very simple, but I still like it! I really like road trips… (Into the wild nudge nudge)

Branches – Going home

Good thing about having no actual “home” is that you choose where that can be. Therefore, you could be always “coming home”, because, well… You get it, I’m not going to get all philosophical now.

Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane

As simple as good, this song gets me all the time.

Strahan – Deliverance

Yep, you might have noticed by now that I’m back to the folk-indie mood. I did have some Bossa Nova days, with some Jobim, de Moraes and that, but that didn’t last… We’ll see how long this one lasts, though.

The Collection – Lazarus

There is nothing I can say about that song that will make it better than it already is.

Well, those are some of the discoveries I made (I’m not going to put all of them in one post, I’m like Hollywood! If I can, I do two parts and get twice the money!) I’ll try to upload more stuff in the following days.

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