Songs of the past

Every week, I try to listen to as much music as possible and then post here the songs I’ve listened to the most. This has been my past week:

Quick update, this time it’s been a real changer. For the first time in months, Folk has gone down to second position to let Jazz to the most listened genre this week. Hurray! Sadly, none of the songs have made it up to the top three because I was mainly listening to lots of songs and they never repeated themselves… But hey, it’s a start.

Punch brothers – Little Light

This is rather the ending song of their cd The Phosphorescent Blues, but this time, for me, it’s an opening. And hey, technically it’s not Folk but Bluegrass… So that counts, right?

The Oh Hellos

One song had to make it at least. The perks of receiving a cd is that I’ll be listening to it a couple of times non stop, I guess.

Gilbert O-Sullivan – Alone Again (naturally)

No, I am not in a depressed state or so, but I like this song a lot. It’s just that, I’m not thinking about treating myself by visiting a nearby tower, climbing to the top and throwing myself off. Not yet, at least. And besides, it would be nonsense. After making it up to here, now? If so, before all this fuss started!

Eric Legnini Trio – Amarone

Coleman Hawkins РApril in Paris

Well, they did not make it up to the top three, but being on fourth and fifth position is awesome as well! These were my last week’s most listened tracks. I haven’t had the chance to discover a lot because I had to fly to Spain, project’s deadlines are near and I am a bit stressed at the moment… But in a few weeks I shall be back again with lots of music to present!

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