Songs of the past

And yet, a bit late but still before the next week is due, here I come again with what’s been on top of the listening hill this week. Any surprises? Well, some.

But we’ll get to that.

Enrico Pieranunzi – Les Amants

For the first time in like.. Forever, on top is not some folk-indie band nor song, but… Jazz!

Yes, Jazz hit me really hard lately and I’ve been listening to it for a couple of days non stop. And the music I once didn’t really like (you know, saxo/trumpet, bass and piano) I am starting to like a lot. Maybe it’s a sign… My grandpa would be so proud.

See? I told you, a lot of Jazz this week

Rose Cousins – White Daisies

Ah, well this is more familiar ground.

Wolfgang Haffner – Azul

Roberto Fonseca – El soñador está cansado

Well, as you can see, this week was full of jazz… Some piano, some trumpet, some saxo, but still awesome. And that’s it for this week. With a total of 890 songs, I can close this week as the jazzy one, and even though I haven’t listened to a lot of songs, many of them were totally worth it.

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