Madness… THIS. IS. Still Madness

No, this is not Sparta. And it will never be.

This is a country where it can be raining and two minutes later sun be shining.

This is a country where they don’t really care about what embarrasment means (see picture below)

This is a country where… Well, it is known for people usually not having a lot of fun.

This country… Is a mad one. And I quite like it.

Madness is one of those bands that I can listen to almost any of their songs and like them. They might be old for modern standars, but I bet if you play them people will automatically start to dance. You can’t just NOT DANCE. And they even have their soft spot in their little hearts.

I know their songs have a spot in mine, at least (so cheesy sometimes, I know…)

And that’s it from my part for today. With Madness I came, with Madness I leave. I guess… It must be love


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