Piano for relax

Sometimes I really need to relax. Relax as in: If I don’t, I might kill someone. Like that.

And yesterday was one of those days. Usually, listening to music helps, and in my case, although I don’t really have a playlist for soothing music, I do have some artists that can really help.

Here are some songs I listen to when I’m really stressed:

Giovanni Mirabassi – El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

Yes, it’s not the most relaxing song ever, but it does have something that helps me chill a bit, even when I’ve been working on a project for multiple hours and it’s still not working.

David Lanz – Leaves on the Seine

Jim Brickman – Lake Erie Rainfall

Liz Story – Wedding Rain

I’m not really into writing a lot of text today, I’m really sleepy and right now my head is full of Python and Java, so… Unless you’d like to see some functions that do unnecessary stuff… I’ll just share the songs and leave you to it.

Carry on.

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