On repeat

It happens pretty often, and now it happened to me again. To be listening to the same songs again and again, create a dedicated playlist so that I can listen to them one after another. These are the three songs that I’ve been hearing all the time this weekend.

Opening: The on repeat section

José González

Ok, this is not the original, but it’s pretty darn cool to also see the rest of the instruments. And the conductor looks pretty happy, he even shows his thumbs a couple times.

Jenn Grant – Eye of the Tiger

Sometimes I have the thought that I repeat a lot the songs I post, but I can’t help it. When I like it, I listen to it a lot. Guess I got that from my mother, who can listen for six months to the same six CD’s in the car.

Nickel Creek – Smoothie Song

Wanna see what a bouzouki looks like? And sounds like? In a non-traditional greek or irish song? The give this a listen. Chris Thile does not only know how to handle a mandolin but also other 4 double paired fretted instruments. And this song is VERY good. And not that easy… I’ve been trying to get it on my mandolin at full speed and it’s… Well’ I can’t make it. Which is normal since I’ve only been playing a couple of months, but still… It’s very impressive. Seriously, these guys are really good. It’s no wonder Thile has won multiple awards, because… Well, listen for yourselves.

Anyways, these are my earworms lately.

Hope you enjoy them.

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