Songs of the past

And yet another week is over, finally. But wait, what is that I see? Is it ANOTHER post? From the same bloody guy again?

Yes, it is! A post written by me, myself and all of the personalities that are stuck inside my head! And for each of them, a song has been dedicated. What are my personalities going to be this week?

Let’s find out.

Aunt Martha – Neighbor Song

No big surprises there, I’m sorry. I know, I know, NEW THINGS HAVE TO BE POSTED! And they’re on their way, but just gimme a break. This has been a hard week, I’m finishing two projects right now, they are pretty stressy (just like any other project), and I need time to find new artists. But I shall find the time, I swear.

  • Well, is there something else rather than Aunt Martha?
  • Yes, there is. And I have proof

Cataldo – Black and Milds

HA! And that is even new. I still know what I have posted and what I haven’t. In a few weeks I won’t remember a thing (hopefully you too, so I’ll be able to post things twice and no one will find out).

This song also gives me a huuuuge summer vibe. I guess it’s all thanks to the choirs and the claps and all that.

The Tree Ring – Dreams where I am sleeping

Some lake music, imagine a small wooden house, with a canoe, a chair and hours of chill. I think I’m thinking way too much of a vacation I’m not going to have. And that is really bad, really really bad.

Horse Feathers – Fit against the country

Yeah, I was already missing something more country-ish. Aaand here it is. If anyone else was hoping for it as well, I hope I didn’t disappoint you.

Beta Radio – Hello Lovely

This is another band I really like and one day I’ll be doing a post dedicated to them. They are also a good reason why I bought my dear Django Kazooie (aka my banjo)

Chris Bathgate – Levee

Somehow, this reminds me a lot of… A mix of Lord Huron with The Bronze Medal. Don’t ask why, but it just does. But I like it! And that is what counts.

Well, I think that six personalities for a day is more than enough, right? I’ts been a busy week, but that didn’t stop be from beating my own record and listening to a lot of music (mostly known, I need a relaxed ambient in order to discover music), getting to a good 1100 songs, summing almost three days of music. Yeah, I spent almost half of the week listening to songs…

So well, that’s it for now, guys! I’ll try to upload something this weekend, so stay tuned!

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