What happened to you, guys?

Sometimes I really have the vibe for just one band. After some time it softens and I listen to music that is the same genre (I usually rely on the suggestions by whichever music service I’m using at the moment).

This time it was Aunt Martha.

For me, Aunt Martha is that kind of band that at the beginning you don’t really like, somehow. I guess it’s due to the lead singer’s voice, that is… Different. Let’s stick to that, yeah.

I remember having posted some music of these guys before (probably even the same songs), I swear it’s not that I’ve run out of music, just that I somehow have started to listen to them non-stop lately, and I just wanted to do a post with their songs I like the most.

And I don’t really know what happened to them. Giving that their last fb posts are almost three years old and their web page is unaccessible, my bet is that they’re pretty much done doing music, at least as a band or under that same name.

But still, I sometimes put some of their songs because I like them, because it’s relaxing, and you end up accepting the way he sings, I assure you that. šŸ˜‰

The thing is, just like I asked myself with Seryn, why does this happen? It’s really sad to see bands you like disband, but I guess it’s better to disband than to turn to a band you end up not liking at all (and I have a couple of those in mind…).

And well, with this one last song as a closure, I wish you a nice day and all that stuff that is usually said. You name it, I wish it!

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