Some new discoveries

When I have spare time and pay attention, I write sorme notes and save the new songs I’m listening to I like.

I just thought it was time to do another one of those posts, filled with things I’ve recently discovered.

D.I.D. – Glockenspiel Song

It’s officially spring, it’s hot again around here, and although I do like the rain, I also like being able to walk without a bulky jacket. And this song really reminds me of where spring is headed… Summer!

Catherine MacLellan – Frost in the Hollows

If the first song reminded me of summer, this one doesn’t at all. In fact, it reminds me of autumn. I won’t give any more details, for I think I’ll even try to write a short story about it… So wait and see, my little fellows, wait and see.

The Navigators – The rhythm of the goat

Are you ready for some… Celtic rock, I’d half call it? It has the typical celtic Bodhrán (the drums you hear at the beginning) and the rhythm is that mix that… Makes you keep listening. Then it adds a fiddle, because… Why not?

The Heligoats – Goodness Gracious

And now, let’s finish smooth. This could be the typical song someone’d play when they get home after a hard day of work. Just get home, let the jacket anywhere, take the guitar, gather your pets and play until night has fallen and the only reason for standing up is your stomach crying for nourishment.

And that’s it for today. And to all of you:

Good night. Goodness gracious, good night.

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