It’s sad how a composer that has written so much known music is so little known.

Almost everyone knows Summertime, but no one really remembers their author. I’d say same think might apply to his rhapsody in blue. It’s a real shame, because he was a hell of a composer, and his brother a hell of a writer.

So I decided to share some of his work to make Gershwin great again!

For starters, why not this?

Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue

Now let’s try something different… This is Dave Grusin’s version of his Prelude II. I grew up with this version and even believed this was the original one! It might not be the original, but I still find it pretty good. And the fact that the tempo is slightly faster than the original kinda gives it a little more swing, don’t you think?

Dave Grusin – Prelude II

Now give this next one a listen. Same notes, but it sounds so different!

Gary Burton / Makoto Ozone – Prelude II

And now, moving for the last song of the post…

Tim Weisberg – Summertime

Ok, it sounds nothing like the original Porgy & Bess one, this one’s more funky and all that, but still sounds pretty good. And you have to admit, Tim Weisberg is a pretty good artist….

But for those who prefer a more original approach… Who could say no to Ella & Louis?

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Summertime

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