When it comes down to language covers

I was listening to some random music when some rhythm I knew came up. Rhythm: check, instruments: check, harmony: check. I knew the song! But in another language. That was… Well, that was a cover.

So I digged a bit, tried to gather some covers in a different language of pretty good songs and their originals.

And I’ll start with what I listened today that gave me the idea:

Celtas cortos – Blues del pescador

Sound familiar? Well, yes, and obviously you have the original title as well. But I really like it, to be honest. This would be the original one:

The Waterboys – Fisherman’s blues

 It’s interesting how bands always cover songs with recognisable patterns. Here’s another example. In this case, they didn’t even care about the title and put it just like that.

El canto del Loco – Crash

I don’t think the original one needs any presentation:

The Primitives – Crash

There are thousands of these covers, I am aware. Now this was just an example, because I am a bit bored of writing my thesis and just took some time off.

I’ll be heading back to work then, guess I can’t procrastinate forever…

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