Blue, red, Brown



-Pardon? – She asked, not really understanding what he meant with that statement.

-Blue, your eyes are blue.

-Thank you, captain obvious. You really made my day telling me that.

It was obvious that her eyes were brown. What wasn’t so obvious was his ability to read a person by watching them in the eye. Not even talking was required for him. But in her case, he wanted to talk.

He had already spotted her when she came in and took a seat right in front of him, but he hadn’t paid much attention to her. It was going to be a long trip, so he’d better find something to do in those 5 hours. At first he had tried to write something, but his mind was full of other thoughts. His old walkman was out of batteries, and he loved that thing too much to buy an iPod.

So he decided he’d look around a bit. And it was then he just realized her eyes were brown. He also realized she was reading one of his favourite books, and was even taking notes. He just wanted to see her eyes again.

They had something… Some mystery. Even for him, there was something he couldn’t read, he couldn’t see past them.

-Red – he just said again, like hypnotised.

-Dude, really? What is it now, my jacket? That’s red.

-No, I mean, yes, I see your jacket is red…

-You truly are captain obvious.

-But in this case I was referring to the main character of the book you are reading.

-Oh, I see, sorry then…

She blushed a bit although there was no reason to do so, he thought. She couldn’t know what he was talking about.

-You read it too? – She asked, trying to be more polite than interested in the fact that he had read the book.

-Are you kidding me? It’s one of my favourites! I really love the symbolism trying to depict his dual personality. I totally think he has some kind of double personality or something.

-What, you mean it’s your favourite and have never finished it?

-Well, you see, the author leaves that question open. – He said whilst smiling.

She closed the book. That was it, he had caught her attention.

He had totally forgotten how it was to know a person by talking to them. He was not good at talking, and being able to read people by looking at them didn’t give him a reason to actually talk to them, but in this occasion, he was even starting to enjoy it.

Hours passed by, until it came to the point where the trip was actually coming to an end. He didn’t know what to do next. He wanted to know more of her, make the train go back the whole way so that they could have five more hours to talk, but he knew things like that were not possible. So, there was no other way to do it.

-Will I see you again, Blue? – He asked, hoping to get a positive response.

-Well, Brown, let’s leave that question open. – She answered with a smile.

Maybe he couldn’t read her eyes, but he definitely knew what that smile meant.


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