They deserve it

Not so long ago, I found out about a terrible notice. A band I really liked a lot was splitting up. When it happens to a couple, I’ll be asocial enough to say that it’s not really my problem and not care, but when it’s about music and I like the band,  I get sad.

Right now I’m talking about Seryn.

Ok, it was a couple months ago, not really some fresh press stuff, but still. They were good, did good music! Why, God, why? You always take the good ones!

Anyways, I can’t do anything but hope that their first CD, This is where we are, gets a bit cheaper and buy it (haven’t seen it for less than 40 bucks, and I’m not really willing to pay that much for a CD, no matter how much I like them).

A thing I can do, on the other hand, is post some of their music. Guess it’s a bit too late to gather enough people to make them get back together, but… You can always enjoy it as much as I do.

So, enough talky-talky. Let’s get down to business with the first song of their first album. Ok, I’ll admit it doesn’t have the best lyrics, but it’s still very good!!

Seryn – So Within

And you might say: “Dude, what is the bass one doing?”

Because yes, he actually IS playing the electrical bass with a bow. Here’s a song where you can perfectly see what he’s doing. I still find it awesome. And it was my inspiration to try it out with a banjo. Doesn’t sound as good as that one, though.

Seryn – Our Love

One thing I really like about those guys is how they can start with a really slow song and in the same song speed it up and finish in a way that makes you think”whoah, and this song started like this?”

Seryn – Paths (nevermind the wedding songs stuff, it’s the only video I found with the CD version)

In case you wanted more from their second CD, here’s another one I love.

Seryn – The Fire

And to finish I didn’t know which one to post, really. Their first album is really worth every song, so I thought I might post the one that made me discover them.

Seryn – Beach Song

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