Songs of the past

And here I am again, ready to drill things into your ears. What was this week’s hit in my library? Let’s find out, shall we?

Nightnoise – Hugh

Well, it’s not really a surprise. I had a few chilly days, and I really like these guys. It’s a pity they aren’t together anymore… I’d love to listen to some new stuff from them.

Second on the list we got… Amber Run! They made it to the top N (being N a natural number comprehended between 1 and the number of songs I’m willing to post today). Fresh from their new album, here they go.

Amber Run – Wastelands

And right behind we have another pretty well known man: Will Ackerman. I don’t remember having posted any of his songs by now, but you will see him more often around him.

Will Ackerman – Anne’s Song

Well, I posted this a couple days ago and it was pretty obvious to me they’d reach this week’s recopilation. I listened to the song multiple times on one single night, I’ll admit it. And they made it up here.

Jon and Roy – Every night

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