Folk days are over!

Like Florence would have said…

Ha! Obviously not, I am still deeply buried in a lot of folk music, but today… Today I felt like… Something different. Something less folky, with a bit more piano, typical drums and all that.

And what came out of it? Well, that’s what I’m here for! Follow me, and listen.

Sarah Harmer – The Thief

Following, another Sarah. This time, we’ll go with Sarah Slean and her marvelous Society Song. Have I never posted something of hers? I definitely will probably do it again.

Ok, not everything would be rhythmical in this post, it’s against my religion. So I had to post something more relaxed, slow. I am pretty happy that they have released a new album, it’s one I have pending to listen to. But for now, here’s a song of their prior album. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Amber Run with 5 am.

What else, what else? And no, I don’t mean the Nespresso advertisement. I just think that I could add another song. Just one, I swear.

And we’ll do it rhythmical again. Interesting the huge change she did from her first CD to the second one, but both of them are pretty good.

Gabrielle Aplin – Light up the dark

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