Let’s hit some soundtracks

No, not the usual John Williams or Hans Zimmer ones, that one we all know, don’t we? And don’t get me wrong, I love them as much as anyone else. I was for a long long time a huuuge fan of Hans Zimmer and John Williams, have listened a lot to Ennio Morricone and yes, I know the world goes beyond those great few men.

So, why not try to see (and listen) to something else?

Let’s start with this:

You might have recognised the guitar there… Because yes, that guitar is played by – Oh wait, it’s in the CD cover. What a spoiler – José González!

Sounds pretty much the same like this, by the way

Let’s pick something else.

Where does that song appear? It merely does for a few seconds, I recall, and he doesn’t even get to sing, but those violins can be recognised in no time. This song appears in a great road trip movie: Little miss sunshine. Yeah, I thought “Super Freak” was too well known.

This one also appears just for a matter of seconds, but just like Sufjan’s Chicago, that guitar intro is pretty unique. The movie? British comedy “Man Up”. And whilst keeping up with the National, why not remember the great low voice in one of their best known songs? Thanks, Game of Thrones.

And let’s finish with a song that has hit lots of series and movies, and I think it’s a great song. This is Cello song, by Nick Drake. He also has a version sung by The Books with… José González, but I still prefer the original one. Here you go.

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