The story of the Film so far

Oh boy, what would I have done without the Monty Python?

Now for real. I’ve given a couple of thoughts to the story, talked with my writing mate (who happens to be my sister), and the story is so far looking very good!

Nothing written yet, just gathering lots of things and throwing them at a wall as if they were rotten tomatoes and we were modern art painters, and the wall our masterpiece.

Anyway, we have had some good ideas (or at least ideas we have liked). We know what it’s going to be about, and that is a lot already.

We want it to beĀ about a girl who goes abroadĀ to begin her studies. Her name? Ely. No clue if it’s a short name for Elisa, Ellen or what, or if it is a full name like… Bob as in Bob, not as in Robert. Ye know, some people are just called Bob, not Robert.

Anyways, the book is going to be about that, how this girl, Ely, goes to Germany and how she develops, people she encounters and all that stuff.

Why Germany, you say? Well, both my sister and me have studied there, so we have a pretty good picture of how things go there. So yeah, the idea is to divide the book in six parts (multiple parts per book don’t worry, we won’t write a hexalogy), and each part will handle a semester. There will probably be an extra one, because no one in his mind finished a bachelor in six months and then goes home… Nah, you gotta enjoy the student’s life!!

How to handle characters? Well, a couple posts before I shared some musical thoughts about the characters, but we don’t have a bright picture yet. People will come and go, like it usually happens in university, different groups, likings, but the main group, the core, is probably be like… The Breakfast club.

And no, it’s not because I’ve watched the movie today, or because I like the song, but because it’s great to have completely different people in a group. It provides a great variety (and also a greater challenge for us, since giving life to many different characters is much more difficult than do plain “scripts”, but it’s also more full of life, I think).

So, how you gonna do it? No clue, we are at a very very early stage of thought gathering. The idea is mainly to have fun writing, but also to write our own experiences. And that might not be as easy as it sounds, since… It’s not easy to make up a world when you’ve already lived in one that is so similar.

Anyways, as a way to say goodbye, here you have great Christopher Walken dancing to a song. Not my kind of genre, but he looks happy, doesn’t he? Some of his moves remind me of the movie La La Land… Watch and you’ll understand.

Have a good one!

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