What about me?

Yes, yes, I admit it, I haven’t had much time to listen to many new tunes this week. But it is comprehensible, since I had to listen to a prof giving a lecture the whole week 9-6 non stop, and after that, when I thought I had some spare time to actually sit and relax… No! thesis time!! Get to work!

I’ll be so glad once this is over.

So, these last weeks have felt like a bloody sprint.

I think this sums it up pretty well. I’ve been attending a seminar that is, as I stated, non stop 9-6. The only big pause we get is to eat and… Read papers! Yes, they actually give us free time to spend it doing homework. How nice is THAT?


Have a break? Read this!

And well, after class I had to keep working on my thesis, which hopefully will be done by the end of the month. And I say hopefully because I have to hand it in by the end of the month, otherwise I’ll be in big trouble. Being big trouble failing, in case you didn’t… Yeah, that.

On top of that, now the seminar is over, buuuut (there’s always a but, isn’t there?

The seminar includes a project in which we have to work. Basically a smaller bachelor thesis, but this time we should do it in a team of four. And I say should since my team is made of only two, there was no one left. And he’s pretty lost with everything. So yeah, looks like it’s going to be me the one to get the team up. And that is NOT GOOD.

And why that song? Well, because we can’t leave him behind, goddamn it!

I told you to cover him, not to kill him!

Anyway, gotta be positive about it.

And if it’s not a “we”, it’ll be a “me”. Me can work it out, me is no english native.

Have a great week and stay tuned, another “Songs of the past” is coming up in no time!!

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