Songs of the Past

And here we are, another Saturday (I’m already writing this as if every Saturday I would post something…), and the guys at have been such nice chaps to tell me what I’ve been listening to lately.

So, wanna see my top scores for this week? There’s even a small graph at the end. 🙂

As I said earlier today (10 minute ago, more or less), this has been a crazy-ass week and I’ve listened to few things, and mostly something soothing, otherwise I’d have killed someone. Nontheless, it’s still music, and I still like it, of course.

And what better than Nickel Creek?

Yes, I know, the video looks very cheesy and so are the lyrics, but I still like it. As I stated before, gimme a mandolin and you’ve gained my heart. And if it’s Chris Thile, I’m sold.

This is VERY accurate. Noche en vela is in spanish to stay the night up. And that’s pretty much what happens when you have to program something and it doesn’t work. Or if you have many things to do and no spare time. Or if… I’m sure you can come up with many more examples. This is a problem when you like to sleep, but as my grandpa stated,

“Everyday’s two most difficult things are going to bed, and getting out of bed.”

OMG, a song from those guys that is not Home? Yes! They have some other pretty cool songs! (Not many for my taste, tho). And this one has a little bit more rhythm, which is nice. I don’t want you to fall asleep whilst reading this.

It’s not only because of that, but watching two people playing a guitar and a Xylophone on a wooden bridge with a sunset is just worth it. And if you like the song, you got a full pack!

And as promised, here’s the little graph. It has a little timeline of the genres I’ve been listening to. Don’t judge me, I am listening to waaaay too much folk music, I know… And yes, it’s a bit outdated, but it hasn’t changed that much…

Top Tags

Well, that’s it for this week. Tell me if you liked any of the songs! Or if you didn’t like them, but in that case I can’t promise I won’t erase the comment. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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