Life’s update

After a day full of “try-to-work”, “actual work” and “pretend-to-work”, I can only get home, sit down and put some music. Whatever it is, hit me with all you’ve got; gimme your strongest poison.

And what would be the poison this evening then?

Well, for starters, this:

-“Oh, but this is not hard at all”, you might say.


Try to keep up with the rhythm and then come back. And be prepared, you’ll be hearing much more from these guys or from him solo.

Something much more easier, based on a simple I-V pattern. But I’ve just listened to it multiple times because it has a mandolin. Yes, it’s easy to buy my “likes”, as long as it has a banjo or a mandolin, I’ll probably like it.

And for those nostalgics, some classic one. Because I just love James Taylor’s Music, and therefore Carole King’s as well.

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