Songs of the past (week)

Well, I’ve decided that either Friday or Saturday, or basically whenever I remember, I’ll try to post the songs I’ve heard the most for the last week. And therefore, I’ll call those posts…

Songs of the past!!

Yes, that was a very bad clickbait since the title’s already there, but anyway, glad you clicked on it anyway. So, let’s start right ahead with what’s been sounding through my headphones and stereo for most of the time.

In the first place, with no doubt, comes this one.

It kinda makes sense since I’ve been learning to play the leading part with the mandolin. And it is working out, surprisingly… Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be making music and someone else will be sharing it for me… Ahh, wouldn’t it be nice?

Now, moving on, who dis? Katie Melua! This one I have been strumming as well, but it’s a bit more easy, let’s be honest.

Now, don’t laugh at what they wear or their hairstyle, but they are actually pretty darn good. What can I say? I like Windham Hill a lot.

And yeah, I’ve seen these two things for quite a long time, Fire, Rain, Earth Wind and Fire (no rain here).

And well, that’s pretty much it for this week. I have listened to a whole lot of another songs (a total of 936), but I you don’t want me to tell you each and every song I’ve listened to, right? That’s what is for! 😉

Anyway, have a good one and enjoy the weekend.

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