As lost as always

I’ll be honest, I’m not yet sure how to start my posts. Jumping right to songs just feels wrong, bulky I’d say, but for now I am not yet sure another way to start a post.

Do you want a small made up story going through each song? An if-case scenario? A big greeting like “Hello, [insert something affectionate]!!! Glad to see you again!” Or maybe a description of a person… I’m liking these ideas, I’ll keep you updated!

But as of today, I have no idea, so for now, I guess I’ll keep posting firstly a lot of stupid stuff and afterwards jump to posting a couple songs.

So, enough things said. Let’s jump to what you’re all here for, right? (I meant music, in case you were here for… Something else)

Let’s start with some rhythm! Clap along if you know the song. And if you don’t know this particular one, it’s as simple as any other’s rhythm. 😉

And now, fellas, slow down. Let’s get real for a minute. For me, saying that I bought something means a lot. It’s not that I am cheap, it’s just that I try to invest my savings in stuff that I cannot get for free, whereas music… You know. In this particular case, I bought their whole CD. And that means A LOT in my case.

I would have bought all this band’s CD’s if they had published more.. 😦

Sadly, this is the only one they recorded. It took me a lot of time to find a place to purchase the CD, but I managed to.

Fancy easy songs? Then this one is for you. It’s just one single chord during the whole song. For those of you who need “The A chord song”. Here you go.

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