Overture 2017

Starting a new project is something people find very hard. It mostly implies leaving behind an older project, a project that either failed or forced you to leave it, and the feeling that it will happen to the new project is sometimes unavoidable.

But! Big but here, maybe even with two t’s. I am glad I started this one. And so, with no further introductions, why not start with some music coming from the different places I’ve lived in?

Ok, so this list might get way too long to put it here, so I’ll make a compression of all that. As a starter, something from my first Heimat. Not quite what I usually listen to, but it somehow got me and I just can’t stop listening to it.

Moving on to what might be called my second Heimat, a couple days ago this band played in Madrid, and some friends of mine had the chance to go, and apparently, it was awesome. Man I wish I could’ve been there.

So, now we have something from where I was born, something from where I went to school, I guess it’d only be fair to update my location and show you some Music from where I am now, innit? But since I don’t know a band from this little town, I’ll just use probably my favourite a capella band.

I guess I’m not the only one having problem with people shouting around at 8am, whilst I’m trying to sleep.

And to honor the title of this post, of course, one of the best known overtures

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